UPDATE I FUCKED SOMETING UP AND I HAVE TO REDO MY ENIIRE MAIN PAGE NOW. hopefully i can recreate it today but itll probably take longer :(

dont click on it though youll get 500 viruses yeah tried it once........ my computer? BROKEN! I CLICKED ON THE DOOR AND IT IMMEDIATELY SHATTERED INTO PEICES!!!! DONT CLICK ON IT

clicking on the door is the only way you can get to the main page btw ("you can just type in the url for thepage instea"Shut up shut up shut the fuck up no one cares shut up fucking fuck fuck fucker fuck fuck

WAIT! brave hero of this new story (i appear with a huge coat and a wizard hat with an orb in one hand and a stick in the other) before you enter the door and get 800 viruses....... you need to know something.

this is where the link to my guestbook WOULD be but its ugly and im too lazy to change it right now so ill ad it back once its prettier later

open the door you want to open the door so badly dont you just open it maybe a peek maybe a few steps tap your toes in the water nothing bad will happen Dont open the door you will get soooooooo many viruses like alot. so many viruses will be on your computer this it will expode.